From 9th of November 2019 until 29th of February 2020

Get a unique virus-code and share it with your friends, as well as using it for your own team games. The more games you use your virus-code for, the more prizes you can win, and the better they are! Main prize – Cryptex club membership for you and your three friends!

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How to play

  1. Using this page, log in with your Facebook or Google account.
  2. After you register you will receive your unique virus-code, which grants you a 10% discount for a game.
  3. You can give this code to your friends, help them chose a quest-room or a virtual reality quest; you can also use it for your own game.
  4. You will be able to see the number of games played by using your code in the system.
  5. As this number gets bigger, you will start getting prizes and be able to use them straight away.

How to get my prizes

  • Discount promo-codes for the quest-rooms, virtual reality quests, foot, automobile and online quests will be automatically generated after completing every stage and will be seen in the prizes table.
  • You will need to contact us to get branded mugs and T-shirts.
  • Before testing our new quest we will get in touch with the prizewinners and agree on a suitable time.
  • If your virus-code was used 50 times and you have become a Cryptex club member, then we have been in touch already and arranged the meeting ;)





free participation in an online-quest


30% off for a quest-room or a VR 2.0 quest


free participation in a foot quest


guaranteed participation in the new quest-rooms testing or VR quest testing


50% off for a quest-room or a VR 2.0 quest


four branded mugs


free visit to a quest-room


free participation in an automobile quest


four branded T-shirts


free participation in a VR 2.0 quest


four Cryptex club cards for you and three friends


Is the virus-code a regular promo-code and can it be used in the same way?

No, it’s a special code. There’s a separate field provided for it in the booking form. You can either enter it yourself or tell it to our operator just before the game starts.

Can a virus-code be added on top of other discounts?

No, it cannot. If you have a discount promo-code as well as a virus-code, we will apply the biggest discount.

I have a big discount; do I still need to use my virus-code?

Yes, you do. In order for our system to take into account the game, enter your virus code in the relevant field.

I have both a promo-code and a virus-code? Where do I enter them in the booking form?

There are relevant fields for both codes. To get a discount – choose a “promo-code” field; to bring each game into your account using the virus-code – choose a “virus-code” field.

Does every team member need to register in the system?

It is possible. However, it is better to pick a captain and play as a team! If you join forces and bring more players, it will be quicker to earn better prizes and use them as a team.

I’ve already done all the quests. Should I even bother participating in this offer?

Yes! You can be a fully-fledged participant by sharing your virus-code as a true expert, recommending our quests to your friends and accumulating prizes you can use later on.

I played without using a virus-code. Can I retroactively bring that game into account?

Yes. We can do that if the following applies:

  • You contact us using the same phone number you put down while booking;
  • If another player’s virus code was not used for that game;
  • The game took place during the offer period.

I won a “free participation in a foot / automobile quest” prize. How can I use it?

These quests take place in Kyiv regularly. If they are not available in your town, we’ll replace your prize with an equivalent one.

What quests can I play using the virus-code?

Using a virus-code you can play in quest-rooms and in VR quests.